Counterculture with Masquepalabras

Català Castellano

There is a concert tonight, are you coming?

It was February 2012 and I was in my last college year in Barcelona. One Friday night one of my flatmates brought me to what would become my first contact with the collective masquepalabras. A band called Todo o Nada (All or Nothing) was playing in the community center of the Besós de Llobregat (Barcelona) in support of animal rights.

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Paris in 48 hours

Goal: Tarragona – Paris – Tarragona

Available amount of time: 4 days

Initial budget: 150€/person (4 travellers)

Distance to travel: more than 2000 km

The adventure begins on Friday morning by buying supplies for the long trip ahead us. Then we pick up the remaining colleagues to complete the team: first stop Tarragona city, second stop Cerdanyola del Vallès and finally we head towards La Jonquera.

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