Paris in 48 hours

Goal: Tarragona – Paris – Tarragona

Available amount of time: 4 days

Initial budget: 150€/person (4 travellers)

Distance to travel: more than 2000 km

The adventure begins on Friday morning by buying supplies for the long trip ahead us. Then we pick up the remaining colleagues to complete the team: first stop Tarragona city, second stop Cerdanyola del Vallès and finally we head towards La Jonquera.

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Saint Agapito or ‘Pilon’s’ Party

Since some years the street Comte of Tarragona has become a place that catches the eye of many people. People who walk around, tourists who are amazed by it… It is not by chance that it is the most intagrammed street of Tarragona!! Because the painted “pilons” of this street, that are renewed every year thanks to the celebration of Saint Agapito, have made it not only an emblematic and nice place but also an annual event for artists, collectives, entities, groups of friends and families, who use this opportunity to let their imagination fly and renew this colourful street.

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Calella s’omple de cultura

Arriba l’abril, arriba la primavera, arriba el bon temps i arriba el Festimatge. Els carrers de Calella, durant el passat mes, s’inundaren de cultura amb aquest festival que inclou certàmens, exposicions, projeccions i nombrosos esdeveniments durant tot el mes d’abril. Els calellencs ja saben que per aquestes dates tots els racons del seu poble s’omplen d’imatges artístiques, que poden anar als edificis emblemàtics i trobar exposicions fotogràfiques que combinen diferents tècniques i estils, projeccions de curtmetratges, espectacles, o fins i tot assistir a tallers i tertúlies.

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