Toni Catany. A Mediterranean glance

Castellano Català

Fundació Catalunya – La Pedrera presents a photographic exhibition with a wide selection of the Majorcan Toni Catany, who lived most of his life in Barcelona. Fleeing chronologies and seeking a more personal view of the artist, the exhibition reveals the mainstreaming of his work, showing us the multiplicity of its meanings and avoiding topics.

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Counterculture with Masquepalabras

Català Castellano

There is a concert tonight, are you coming?

It was February 2012 and I was in my last college year in Barcelona. One Friday night one of my flatmates brought me to what would become my first contact with the collective masquepalabras. A band called Todo o Nada (All or Nothing) was playing in the community center of the Besós de Llobregat (Barcelona) in support of animal rights.

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Chasing the Middle Ages. A night route.

It seems that not everything in Tarragona is related to Tarraco*, we are happy to know that!

Chases, fights, magic, witchcraft, vandalism, corruption, filth, darkness a series of words appear in our mind when we think of the Middle Ages. But do we really know how the people back then lived, what they did, which was the daily culture?

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Saint Agapito or ‘Pilon’s’ Party

Since some years the street Comte of Tarragona has become a place that catches the eye of many people. People who walk around, tourists who are amazed by it… It is not by chance that it is the most intagrammed street of Tarragona!! Because the painted “pilons” of this street, that are renewed every year thanks to the celebration of Saint Agapito, have made it not only an emblematic and nice place but also an annual event for artists, collectives, entities, groups of friends and families, who use this opportunity to let their imagination fly and renew this colourful street.

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