Toni Catany. A Mediterranean glance

Castellano Català

Fundació Catalunya – La Pedrera presents a photographic exhibition with a wide selection of the Majorcan Toni Catany, who lived most of his life in Barcelona. Fleeing chronologies and seeking a more personal view of the artist, the exhibition reveals the mainstreaming of his work, showing us the multiplicity of its meanings and avoiding topics.

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Thought and visual culture. #PicassoEdu

Català Castellano

On November 12 the department of educational services of the Picasso Museum invited us to release its new hashtag #PicassoEdu, intended as a space to gather experiences, observations and reflections on the works, exhibitions, workshops and all kinds of activities organized by the museum. On occasion of the inauguration of this new tool, they offered a guided visit to bloggers and cultural communicators, introducing a new type of experience they were beginning to apply in their tours for adults: the Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS).

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