Graffiti artists

Català Castellano

There are a thousand of elements that distinguish one city from another: people, urban design and structure, geographical relief … and graffiti (from Italian graffiti). A subway ride sometimes turns into an impromptu tour of urban art, where walls and vehicles have been rebaptized with spray. If we imagine who could be its author, we usually have a picture of the typical young guy angry at the world dressed as a rapper that dedicates his evenings to paint train tunnel walls.

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Bruce Davidson. Photographing the soul

Català Castellano

The recently released headquarters of Fundación Mapfre in Barcelona in the Casa Carriga Nogués has already presented three really interesting exhibitions in less than a year! They started with Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art -that never fail-, of which we did an article here. It was followed by the japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto. Now it is the turn of the United States Bruce Davidson, reference figure of photography, called human, in the second half of the 20th century in the United States, who is already ninety years old and travels all over the world and even he comes to the press conference. Such a character!

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