Idol: the new Geishas

Català Castellano

The summer afternoons in the Mediterranean are simply suffocating. Despite this, this summer is being cool but at 5 pm in mid-June the pavement of Tarragona burns.

We are near to the bullring. Our hostess, Aina Gombau, collaborator of Cultius Culturals, is making coffee for us in a Hogwarts mug. Today we are interviewing Emika Kamieda, who was one of the former leader of one of the most famous music groups in Japan, NMB48, sister group of AKB48 and now is living in Tarragona. We will talk with her about the Idolphenomenon and the J-Pop. Let’s start!

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Golden Dawn, a personal affair

      Català       Castellano

Last October we had the chance to attend the screening of the documentary “Golden Dawn, a personal affair” by the Greek director Angélique Kourounis with whom at the end of the film the public was able to speak in an open question session. This documentary aims to show the day to day of the Greek fascist party Golden Dawn and explain what leads people from all social strata and political ideologies to give them their vote.

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