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Now that we can also follow Cultius Culturals on Instagram, I shall make my return to the blog as a collaborator with a top10 artistic accounts to follow in the popular pictures social network.

Since its start in 2010, Instagram hasn’t stopped growing both in popularity and number of users, even after becoming part of Facebook group in 2012. With more than 300 millions of users worldwide, it is one of the main culprits of the popularisation of selfies and with its filters and easiness to edit photographies, anyone can consider themselves a Man Ray or a Muybridge. Luckyly, as it happens with contemporary art, among all the massification you can still found little treasures that make scrolling down your screen minimally valuable.

@1990arthur Because he mixes art, history and life in the city. Arthur knows how to capture the beauty in big cities like Barcelona, London or Rome; and the random picture of his cats doesn’t hurt anyone.


@adampierrick Because he is a medical resident and photography enthusiast. With a keen eye to take images out of his daily life, this account is a window to far away places. His latest photographies in Thailand are just a colour show.


@anah.galan_art Because there is no technique she can’t master. Perquè no hi ha tècnica que se li resisteixi. Acrylic, Watercolour, charcoal, chinese ink, photography, furniture decoration… As they say: there’s a lot of art spirit down south.


@instachaaz Because his funny post-its with sarcasms about life’s routines started as a small pastime in his boring office live, but recently success has aloud Chaaz to quit his job and live out of his Instagram account. Soon a book is on the way.


@jackmrhughes Because there can also be art in fashion. Jack Hughes account combines his work as a model and as an illustrator. Even though his drawings focus in clothes and fashion, it seems like there is a story behind every screenshot.


@joelrea Because he makes us doubt if it is photography or paintings. The hyper realist painter Joel Rea doesn’t stop surprising us with brief examples of his artwork. Frontiers among art and reality can be intangible.


@littlebrownmushroom Because with his official account the american photographer Alec Soth keeps reminding us that every moment can become a picture. He sees photography as a mens of communication and even in his exhibitions he encourages the public to take pictures.


@paulaarbeloa Because his photography is full of contrasts. Her name surely sounds familiar from her collaborations with Cultius Culturals, her photography instead is silent. Paula Arbeola shows us a world almost without people, but at the same time full of beauty, light, colour and sometimes even silent magic.


@streetartglobe Because a good graffiti is still street art. This Instagram account showcases new artists and examples of street art sent by its followers. His catalogue is so assorted, sure sooner or later you will discover an artist you like.


@troqman Because some times only two notebooks and a pen are needed. Trogman creates an alternative world where paper and reality get mixed. His little characters can appear anywhere in what he calls cartoonbombing.


It only remains for me to with @cultiusculturals as much succes in Instagram as some of this top10 accounts. So, mates? When are we having Cultius Culturals: the book?

Ricard Gispert Parra


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