Hiking and art

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Fact is that art is everywhere and sometimes even in quite unexpected places. This is proved by the sculptures we found in an ordinary hiking day in the Bavarian Alps.

For those who love sledging, especially the youngest, the Blomberg station (Bad Tölz) located approximately 60 km south of Munich offers a unique way to enjoy the mountain in all its forms throughout the year. In addition, it is also the Kunstwanderweg” or “artistic hiking trail” with highest altitude throughout Germany.
Sledging route in Blomberg (Bad Tölz). Source: © Blombergbahn

And what is it meant with artistic hiking? Well, at least for the first route we will talk about, it was an initiative of the association of art in the town of Bad Tölz that in 2008 decided to go a step further in promoting local artists designing and preparing a 1.5 km stretch of a hiking trail with 17 sculptures. The idea was successful and some time afterwards two symposia on sculpture and “green art” were held in 2009 and 2012 respectively. As a result of those events more artwork was added in the exhibition. Currently there are 26 works of local artists from the region of Oberbayern (Southern Bayern).

The motto and purpose of the exhibition, which mixes art and nature, is to generate a reflection in the visitors that in a last stage make them rethink ecology and the importance of nature in our lives. The effects of climate change are already a reality for thousands of people around the world and the consequences of overcrowding are beginning to be felt mainly in energy prices.

Our society has reached a point where technological development is not enough to deal with these problems and what is needed is courage, imagination, creativity and the ability to turn around concepts that many believe to be permanent. [1]

Since its opening in 2008, more than 45 artists have already had the opportunity to participate in this project with works that change, some disappear or are placed in other places and other new arrive.

Bürde (Load) – Sebastian Schedo (2012) Blombergbahn (Bad Tölz). Own photography.

The Bloomberg station, however, is just one of the routes of this type that can be found in Bayern.

Near the border with the Czech Republic, in the town of Eschlkam we also find a hiking trail that contains works of German and Czech artists since 2001. Also some national parks around the country contain such routes. Some examples are the national park Hirschwald (Bayern) and the national park of Fläming (Brandenburg). In this latter there is the so-called international art hiking trail or “Internationale Kunstwanderweg“, route which is divided into north and south parts.

The northern route consists of 17 km with 10 works of art scattered throughout its journey. This was designed between 2006 and 2007 as part of a national art competition.

Given the success of the northern route, in January 2009 a second competition was held to populate” the southern route of the park. Regional artists as well as Belgian  (Flemish) and Dutch artists were the participants.
The green-art phenomenon is not exclusive from Germany but it is already a reality in several European hiking trails among which Spain is included. It is amazing how a day trip to the mountain can also become a time to enjoy the symbiosis between natural and human art.
Rosa M. Torrademé

Front cover image: Internationaler Kunstwanderweg Hoher Fläming: (K)uier(en) – Spazierengehen • © Heiko Bansen


[1] http://www.kunstverein-toelzerland.de/sinneswandel.html

[2] http://www.kunst-land-hoher-flaeming.de/

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