Top5: Exhibitions in Tarragona that you can not miss

Castellano Català

The beginning of the academic year always inaugurates a period of concerts, activities, conferences and also exhibitions. In this article we wanted to make a small top5 of exhibitions that you can not miss in this artistic season! Let’s see what we have prepared for you 😉

1. Absència (Absence) in the castle of Torredembarra (until 31th October)

You should be fast if you want to see this exhibition because it closes on 31th October. The exhibition, curated by Juan Carlos Lozano and Meritxell Alegret presents the works of several artists: Josep Maria Argilaguet, Mar Borrajo, Ciurana Rosa, Josep Dora, Eugene Fabregat, Eduardo Fortuny, Carlos Lozano and Juan Manuel Morales. It is located in the Louis Icart hall inside the castle-City Council of Torredembarra, and it includes a series of eight installations that reflect on the absence, absence of feeling and absence of the word. Each part is located in a different area, inside different rooms of the castle, isolated,  accentuating this feeling of absence and loneliness, and the architecture in which they are creates a direct dialogue  with the works.

2. Murs Lorcats (Lorca’s Walls) in the old City Council of Tarragona (until 15th November)

Granada’s famous poet Federico García Lorca visited Tarragona eighty years ago. In order to commemorate this anniversary, the city is organizing various activities. One is the exhibition called Lorca’s walls made by the creators of the fanzine Junkie Python and can be seen in two ways: firstly through the various panels that are scattered around the city  made inside the Laboratori visual project, one of the artistic and cultural projects of the Display city programm. Secondly in an exhibition that encompasses all the illustrations in a smaller size located in the Old Town Hall building. The show is based on drawings made by Lorca, closely linked to his friends surrealist style: Dalí, Buñuel, etc. reinterpreted by the team and regular contributors of this local fanzine.

3. Biennal d’Art de Valls (Vall’s Art Biennale) in the city museum of Valls (until 22th November)

The Art Biennale of Valls, with the collaboration of the Valls City Foundation and the Guasch Coranty Award proposes the names of the finalists who maybe will receive the prize of the Biennale in 2015, among 143 who participated. Located at the Museum of Valls, there are works by Ro Caminal Rachel Friera Antonio Gagliano, Regina Gimenez, Matteo Guidi, James Simon, Marc Larrea, Lola Lasurt, Joathan Millan, Mariona Moncunill, Julia Montilla, Dani Montlleó Frederic Perers Maria Ruido, Oriol Vilanova Jaume Clotet and Jan Monclús.

4. Cartells de Ramon Casas (Ramon Casas posters) in the reading centre of Reus (until 27th November)
Baix Camp, Reus. The “southern” capital of modernism. Until the 27th of November an exhibition about the posters of Ramon Casas can be visited in the reading centre of the city. Casas is one of most renowned Catalan artists of the early twentieth century. He explores his side as a poster creator, with original lithographs of the time, with different formats and sizes all belonging to the Marc Martí collection and located in the sala Fortuny where precisely he already showed his works in 1912 together with Clapés and Mir, among others. A delight for lovers of modernism and advertising of that time.
5. Georges Méliès. The magic of cinema in the CaixaForum Tarragona (until 10th January)

CaixaForum is always synonym of quality, or at least of a investment capacity high enough to bring works and exhibitions of a quite large magnitude. This time it surprises us by bringing to the city the magic of the first years of cinema, the personal vision of Georges Méliès. From his experience with theatre and magic he transmits these concepts and transitoriness to the big screen. In the exhibition there are machinery, frames, drawing made by himself, videos and own costumes.


Note that we have ordered this top5 chronologically not due to their quality, they are only our favourite but remember that many more are waiting for you out there!



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