Theatre and heritage. Dramatized routes in the province of Tarragona

Castellano Català

Blue façade, stately past. The butler receives us with his best elegance and after checking our names, he invites us to wait while we take a short walk around the nearest rooms and while the young ladies and gentlemen play in the garden with wooden and metallic toys. We find us in the Casa Canals (Canals House) where a group of educators from the small company Còdol Educació will present us a dramatized visit of the mansion.

On Saturday 3rd October, the members of Còdol presented the new educative activities for the academic year.

This company located in Reus (province of Tarragona) has been more than 20 years offering its educative services around the country. From the old dramatized tours to Prioral space (Reus) or the Pere Mata institute (modernist building) to the novelty activities which include the Castle of Siurana, the roman city of Tarraco related from the point of view of the triumvir Cornelius Titus Roma or the Casa Canals, where the presentation took place.

The Casa Canals is one of the two large modernist mansions of the city of Tarragona. Along with Castellarnau House it was closed to the public due to lack of budget. Without considering the economic issue, on which we can all have different opinions, the idea of Còdol was to offer public guided visits in order to open the space occasionally. That is why, after the presentation of the tours and workshops they showed us the mansion in the most codolian way: with theatre!

Accompanied by the family’s butler, we visited some of the rooms with aristocratic European decoration: gilded mirrors, velvet furniture, chandeliers, paintings of distinguished members of the family, etc. Always with that magic ingredient that dramatized visits have: the guide becoming a part of the scene, of the context, of the history.

From prehistory to the present day, from workshops with mathematics to activities in English, Còdol Education offers workshops and theatre visits, especially for schools, but also for families and weekend tourists. We recommend you the two big new tours: the dramatized visit to the Castle of Siurana and the route of vermouth in Reus 😉 but don’t miss the website of the company where you can discover all the offered activities and the main practical information.

Guiomar Sánchez

Còdol Educació webpage:

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