Jordan, country of refuge

It is less than ten o’clock, Forum square in Amman is full. On the right a group of young people are dancing and singing habibi music. Very close to them there is another group, mostly female, observed while they are taking selfies. In the stands, elderly women are eating pipes, smoking and occasionally reprimanding the children. Several sellers of balloons, corn, ice cream, tea, coffee… are passing by. I think, watching the stands of the Roman theatre and the columns of the Greek temple of Hercules, that the atmosphere would not be much different from that classical one. At ten o’clock on a large screen aspraeco did over thousands of years, tv news begin talking about the Syrian war, after informing of Palestine, of the inestability in the Iraqi border and, in the south, Saudi Arabia border along with the US and most of the countries of the Gulf and the EU imposing its strategy.

Meanwhile, people look at it, they are Jordan women and men, but at the same time are Palestinians, Syrians and Iraqis. Jordan has never ceased receiving refugees since 1947. Firstly, they came from the occupied areas by Israel in Palestine, after from Iraq and currently, mainly from Syria.

Camp de refugiats d'Azraq a Jordània. Foto: Gabino
Camp de refugiats d’Azraq a Jordània. Foto: Gabino

Today, Syrians already represent the 10 % of the Jordanian population. Most of them, an estimated 80 %, are living outside the refugee camps which receive International aid and are controlled by the UN. Arab societies are still prioritizing the benefit of the community rather than the individual one, that despite the disadvantages, in this context it is obviously very advantageous.

Most Syrian are living in the homes of Jordanian – who possibly one day were Palestinian or Iraqi refugees -, are working and are not persecuted by the local Police. However, this does not detract from the fact that they can be problems in a country where water is already scarce – in fact, in this country there is a very important national environmental discourse which we will talk about another day –, where rents have increased due to the significant growth of the population and where the economy is already getting bogged down.

Europe, a Europe of democracy, freedom and human rights, looks at the refugees crisis as a threat. It observes how its foreign policy of destabilizing the West “bread-basket” (of oil) is not free. It observes how the West points the finger at the Middle East favouring the arming of the most retrograde Sharia arming. It observes how DAISH imbibes the second generation of European immigrant minds rather than the locally ones.

And instead of asking ourselves: What have we done? We close ourselves, even more, in a Europe where since its conception have died thousands of people within its borders. The headlines continue to tell us some crazy people making Jihad, but: What is Jihad? If you do not know what it is, why should we buy the discours of terrorists?  Are they right and making Jihad or do thousands of Muslim women and men have the reason when they say that the terrorists are the enemies of the Islam?

It is already midnight. These reflections will remain in the bed of the hostel. The tv news have finished and the tv presenter of before comes back with music and variety stuff to entertain again a population punished by geostrategy, a population which wants to live in peace.


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