Saint Agapito or ‘Pilon’s’ Party

Since some years the street Comte of Tarragona has become a place that catches the eye of many people. People who walk around, tourists who are amazed by it… It is not by chance that it is the most intagrammed street of Tarragona!! Because the painted “pilons” of this street, that are renewed every year thanks to the celebration of Saint Agapito, have made it not only an emblematic and nice place but also an annual event for artists, collectives, entities, groups of friends and families, who use this opportunity to let their imagination fly and renew this colourful street.

Last year, we participated in this event painting our first “pilon”, a poetic pilon ornamented with a poem by Antonio Machado. This year we also created another poetic pilon, and we did it with a poem from the Greek poet Safo:

Δαύοις απάλας εν στήθειν

“If you could softly rest on the breast of your tender companion!”

With this we wanted to show the work of this artist, highlighting her role as a woman, as well as the sexual and gender freedom -it is well known that she was a lesbian- and also, link it with a trending topic which is the situation of the Greeks in the last days. A trio of concepts that inspired us to paint a “pilon” that looked as if it was made of marble, with a ribbon where we put the previously mentioned poem. Simplicity and reflection in this year’s proposal 🙂

11709593_924475144257627_892875599374036121_n - copia

Again, thanks to the Cultius team, members and collaborators that helped us to make it possible!

Laura Sánchez, Ignasi Sánchez, Cinta González, Arga Sentís, Gabino Martínez, Guiomar Sánchez
Translated by Laura Macià
Photo cover: Genoveva Seydoux

Storify #PilonParade2015

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