G7 – The other Summit

Once upon a time there was a castle called Elmau in the middle of the German Alps, a few kilometres far away from the Austrian border. No one had ever heard of it until one day a rumour stated that the seven elected (formerly eight) had decided to meet in this remote place to discuss how to solve the problems of the humanity and get people completely happy.

To represent the diversity of the planet, the seven chosen were formed by a black male, a yellow male, four white males and one female. The host of the meeting was the female because the castle was within her territories and consequently it was she who took care of all the preparations to welcome the guests.

The seven elected. Source: http://www.tagespiel.de

Weeks or even months before the big day arrived; all members of the personal guard of the female began with preparations, mobilizing from north to south throughout the country in order to efficiently protect guests.

And perhaps you will wonder from who or what should the seven chosen be protected if all that they were intended to do was to make a better world and help the poor. Unfortunately like every tale hero, the seven elected had an enemy who in recent years had grown in size and power and now threatened the peace and tranquillity of the meeting: the monster of the ants.

The monster of the ants as its name suggests, was a beast made up of millions and millions of ants that helped each other and coordinated to create a huge silhouette. With the strength of all ants, the monster was an autonomous and independent subject. The seven elected were afraid of the monster because, although they had tried to distract the ants with hypnotic media and other strategies, in recent years more and more ants had awakened from their alienation and decided that the only way to influence their future and that of their planet was to work together while respecting the integrity of each individual.

This disturbed the group of seven as they saw that if the monster of the ants took away their power of decision, they would no longer be the elected and would become individuals over the crowd, losing their influence and not being able to keep on accumulating wealth without limit at the expense of other’s effort.

Opening session for the alternative G7 summit in Munich Source: http://www.jungewelt.de

To protest against the meeting of the Group of Seven (G7) the monster of the ants decided to organize an alternative meeting open to the public, where the same issues that were scheduled to be discussed at the official summit would also be treated.

To this end, four days before the D-Day, in a former factory located in the city of Munich, a few hundred kilometres away from the castle, the international summit of the alternatives was inaugurated with a talk by Professor Jayati Ghosh, from the University Jawaharlal Nehru (New Delhi, India) named: The politics of G7, the current global crisis and possible alternatives.

There was also time for a podium discussion on the behaviour of global power (regime of free markets and periodicity of armed conflict) with the presence of the known Swiss sociologist Jean Ziegler, the German economist Conrad Schuler, the Turkish professor of political science Sinan Birdal and the Colombian activist Liliana Uribe.

Discussion podium about the global behaviour of power. From left to right:: Sinan Birdal, Jean Ziegler, moderator Ulrike Herrman from FAZ, Liliana Uribe and Conrad Schuler. Source: http://www.jungewelt.de

In a quiet and relaxed atmosphere all attendees could direct their questions to the speakers and then learn more of the different groups and associations that are fighting for a different way of making politics in a national and international level (there were different infopoints in and out of the old factory).

The day after the inauguration several workshops were planned, which would discuss current interest topics such as climate change, TTIP, wars and militarization, global health policy, corporate power, refugees and political exiles, comprehensive energy policy, seas and oceans as the last colonies, austerity policy focused on the example of Greece, financial markets and public debt. All lectures were given in different public spaces of the Bavarian capital and temporarily spaced in two shifts from 11:30 to 16:00.

The same day at 14:00 local time, the starting shot was given to the official demonstration against the G7 summit in Munich. Between 35,000 and 40,000 ants came out to tour the old city walls under a magnificent sun and in a festive atmosphere, guarded by an army of police fully equipped. They asked for more transparency and democracy among other things.

Demonstration against G7 summit in Munich. (June 4th, 2015) Source: http://www.stol.it

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to begin to understand that the ants have grown and matured and they no longer want seven elected decide how to divide the global cake on a fairytale castle.

Rosa Mª Torrademé

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