Picasso_Dalí, a visit for bloggers

From all the attractions of Barcelona, the Picasso Museum, together with the FC Barcelona Museum and the Sagrada Família, are the most visited places of the city. We are in Montcada Street.

The Picasso, just like the recently founded Museum of Cultures does -the former Barbier Müller-, takes advantage of the union of several majestic palaces from the Born quarter, rebuilt between the XIII and the XIV centuries, in order to create an space accessible as a modern museum. In this peculiar facility, but so characteristic of Barcelona –one should remember that the city has a huge quantity of cultural facilities placed in rebuilt historical places, like the Palau Robert or the Virreina– we focus the article of this week. The Picasso Museum invited us, bloggers and cultural communicators, to the temporal exhibition Picasso/Dalí, Dalí/Picasso that will be shown until the 28th of June.

The visit enabled us, appart from distorting cultural life colleagues from Twitter, taking a tour around the work of these 2 artists, from the hand of the museum’s director, Bernardo Laniado-Romero, and the communication team.

The idea of this exposition rose up from the relationship between the Picasso Museum in Barcelona and The Dalí Museum in Sant Petersburg, Florida, which together with the Foundation Gala-Salvador Dalí in Figueres wanted to create a showing that gathered the creations of these two controversial and enigmatic artists. Taken into account that the works from one of them influenced in the works of the other, it ties two classic celebrities from the art of the XX century in an exhibition unpublished until now: the comparison and relationship of Pablo and Salvador, Salvador and Pablo, Picasso and Dalí.

This is the way how the showing traces a thematic and stylistic tour that, comparatively, shows us works from the two artists, comparing them and making clear how a young Dalí made the first steps towards the avant-garde, having as a guide, like many others did, Picasso. Moments of change, magazines and monographs that Dalí read and which this big influence and admiration towards the one from Málaga came from, moments when they met, etc. An example of that is the magazine Cahiers d’Art, where there apperared a photo of the Picasso’s study that Dalí could have seen.

The exhibition explaines that both of them passed thorugh Barcelona and how this city invluences their young spirits, but also how their minds react in front of an avant-garde and surrealistic Paris. How the two artists acquire similar styles and topics, and where it can be seen how the multiplicity of the perspective and the way the volumes are treated influenced Dalí’s Work, getting even to see the germination of the paintings named ‘putrefied’, which directly drink from the cubism and collage of Picasso.

It can be seen along the entire exhibition how their methods interwine until the emergence of the Civil War. In that moment, the style of both of them moves away completely, leaving a much different work but very allegorical of the conflict in both cases. On one side, Premonition of the civil War –we can find a draft in the exhibition–, and on the other side, Picasso with Guernica.

The Picasso Museum transports us to the world of these two celebrities, which are much nearer than we could expect, with a comparative exhibition that makes us think about their two realities, experiences and acknowledgments.

Here you find the Storify that the museum made from the tweets that received from the bloggers.

Guiomar Sánchez
Translated by Raül Gil Alonso
Photo cover: @PatrimoniBlog

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