Sardinian notes | Paolo Angeli

Discovery and introspection, from Beirut to Tarifa. Blue is the wind that you send me from the east, the west, the north and the south. Red are the sunrises and sunsets, unique and unrepeatable at your seashore. Passive observer, you have seen and lived so much, you know better than anyone the origin of my blood and my language. You were, are and will be until one day you evaporate completely to make way for a new chapter of civilization…but I confess that I am glad I will no longer be here when it happens, a world without you would be like a book without words.

Your current has brought me melodies that evoke past times and join me with brotherly nations. Your messenger is familiar to me, he does not come from far away. I have been told that he was also born near you, that he learned to listen to you being only a child and that now he sings and plays through you. They say he uses an extravagant instrument, a guitar that is also baritone, cello and incorporates elements of percussion.

He always plays barefoot, as if he walked across your limbs while letting you whisper one of your epics which later he will transform into notes of passion and melancholy. He is a sailor, who sails through the sea of sounds of Sardinian folklore and mixes it with new musical concepts.

The guitar and the voice of his father, his first mentor, were crucial to encourage him. Later in Bologna he learned the magic of improvised music with other artists.

A key point in his career (1993) was meeting Giovanni Scanu, the legendary Sardinian guitarist from who he was taught the ways of the so called “canto a chitarra gallurese e logudorese”. Musicians like Fred Frith and Björk have collaborated with him and the result is collected on the vinyl Andature Portanti (Wallace Records).

2013 marked the definitive encounter between traditional Sardinian music and Mediterranean influences. I promise if somebody asks me, I won’t tell the source but for anybody interested, they call him Paolo Angeli and it seems he anchored in Barcelona some years ago.

Rosa Mª Torrademé

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