April has arrived, spring has arrived, the good weather has arrived and so has the Festimatge. The streets of Calella are flooded with culture thanks to this festival that includes contests, expositions, projections and many events during the whole month of April. The people from Calella already know that during these dates all the corners of the town are filled with artistic images. They may go the most emblematic buildings and find photographic expositions that combine different styles and techniques, projections of short films, performances, or even attend workshops and talks.


This is the 10th festival, organized by Foto-Film Calella and the Town Hall of Calella. It includes the collaboration of the Government of Catalonia. Together they get to unite the majority of forms an image can be represented and divide the festival in: photography, short films and cinema 9,5. All of them include contests that have an international scope.

The numerous expositions of photography include works from the most amateur artists to the most veteran ones. Nevertheless, for those who apart from observe want to experiment with photography too, you will also find talks and workshops of analogical developing, the technique of collodion process, or even body painting. If you want to take part in the contests as well, you will find different themes between the techniques of monochrome and colour.


The Torretes Trophy of short films includes participations distributed in 3 different fields: Argument/Fiction, Documentary/Report and Experimental/Animation. Most of the works can be seen projected in different places following a very accurate selection, i.e. a session for children, a sample of works from local authors or a film with the aim to relate a legend originated in Calella. Furthermore, there are some areas dedicated to workshops of video editing or talks about audiovisual production too.


The most veterans in cinema may also find a place inside the Festimatge in the areas dedicated to the cinema 9,5. This is an old recording technique that has been persisting during the years and now it still has international scope, a scope that finds a big place and reception in Calella. Artists from all over Europe assist every year to the festival because of the contest of short films in this format, as well as to exchange opinions and buy pieces in the collector’s market. Additionally, the cultural trip that is organized every year to a different point of Catalonia (this year to the Fabra Observatory in Barcelona) helps strengthen the bonds among the different cultures and the creation of relationships built by the same passion. This passion is the one that makes Jordi Bails Castelló work in Rescue Cinema: the recovery of the cinematographic heritage by restoration of ancient films.

The closing ceremony takes place on the 26th of April with a big event and a family lunch, during which the winner works are projected and the prices of the different contests are delivered.

For more detailed information, visit:

 Post and translation by Raül Gil Alonso

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